My name is Shimon Nissim
and I am a Senior Educational Psychologist. (L.N: 31775).

I am a senior Emotional, Cognitive & Learning Assessment of Children and Youth.
I am studying in Bar-Ilan at psychoanalysis as a Phd student, studied University B.A at Education and Psychology, studied at Ben Gurion University M.A. at Educational Psychology, studied professional courses in Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Hashomer (SHEBA hospital) and at the Highest Learning Psychology "MIDRASHA" in Tel- Aviv.

As a senior Psychologist I specialized in psychologist tests, IQ tests, didactics testing and learning disorders as Hdhd and psychological problems:
Anxiety, Anger and stress self-management, social anxiety, test anxiety, self-esteem, self-confidence problems, Phobias, Performance Anxiety, and panic attacks.
I am well skilled with a track record of safe guarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults at school and at after school environments. 

Experienced in providing specialist psychological assessments of referred clients based upon the appropriate use, interpretation and integration of complex data from psychological and didactics testing.

Multi skilled and able to manage a client’s mental health problems, based upon an appropriate assessment the client’s problems.
In the last 8 years I works as senior educational psychologist at Shapah- Municipally Holon and at private clinic in Rishon lesion.

In the last 4 years I also practice with Hypnosis Treatment and Biofeedback as a psychologist tools for promoting the WEELBEING of my patients. 

Contact me:

Clinic Address: Shimon Peres 33 st', Pras-novel- Rishon le Zion.

Telephone Number: +972-72-33-80-121

Electronic Address: shimonissim@gmail.com